Rachel McClain

Real Estate Agent

Aweigh Real Estate

Hampton Roads Home Girl

About Rachel McClain

As a military spouse, my family and I have had to relocate many times, and I know how difficult and stressful the process can be. It was those experiences that led me to decide to pursue a career in real estate so that I could help as many people as possible throughout the home buying and selling process, and make it as easy and seamless as feasible. I approach each transaction with FAITH that I will be able to find you the perfect home or buyer; HOPE that the transaction will run smoothly; and a true LOVE for real estate and the happiness that it can bring.

I believe in creating a genuine relationship with my clients that extends beyond the closing table. My goal is to leave a lasting, positive impression on every person that I meet. I do not measure my success by the number of clients I have, but my the number of smiles I create.